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Aggregator application for fuel stations payment system and fleet management

An aggregator application for fuel stations, individuals and transportation related companies to tap into for better, faster and more efficient payment system. EFuel originated in Australia and has moved to India to start expansion.

As we all know, there are many individual fuel brand apps and RFID based stickers for individual or company payments, and they mostly provide a secure web-based dashboard for surveillance of purchases. However, there is not a single app which combines small, family owned fuel stations via a mobile device.

Efuel is a Digital solution that allows Private, Business, Commercial and Government Vehicles to buy and sell fuel. It is a digital solution that eliminates the need of expensive POS terminals thus reducing costs for businesses and allowing rapid deployment. It is completely cardless and cashless, so users are able to refuel at their convenience at any time. It can also be used as a refuelling fleet management system for payment and monitoring.


By Aline Pate LLC

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Hydro ArtPod ByAlinePate

With Covid-19 disrupting daily services, there is a massive focus on the food chain, even on the individual level to become more self-sufficient for their food and to satisfy the rising demand of consumers around the world wanting to grow their own and wanting know where their food is coming from. Additionally to assure customer satisfaction, they will also sell specialized grow pods and fertilizer that are formulated to work with the HydroArt Pod.

The team has developed a product in UAE, to be manufactured in UAE. An indoor garden, targeted initially at the home consumer market. There is competition but the “HydroArt Pod” has a unique selling proposition of being better than the competition because it brings a combination of key capabilities, in terms of space efficiency and functionality as well as smart intelligence. Additional features that none of the competitors offer include: Smart and Voice Controlled, Integrated Plant Support, Ambient Light, Water Sterilizer.

Instagram: hydroartpod

Key Technologies

key technologies

Extra long range surveillance system

Key Technologies was created in 2020 with the aim of improving a state-of-the-art surveillance system, used for numerous applications including environmental protection.

The first version of Θeia system is already deployed in Europe and Africa. Named after the Greek titaness of the shining light, Θeia is capable of highlighting targets at extreme long ranges thanks to its powerful IR (infrared) laser illuminator. With its long-range lens and low-light camera, it can easily detect abnormalities on a selected area from distances up to 16km (10miles).

New potential markets would directly be critical infrastructure monitoring, petrochemical leaks (offshore & onshore), pipeline quality control, traffic control under different weather conditions (such as fog), endangered species control without disturbing their environments, illegal fishing activities and any field of operations that require detailed capturing / online-processing / analysis / reporting.


QS Monitor

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Online platform for optimisation of food import licensing and timelines

QS Monitor aims to support imported Food Supply in the UAE by providing easy access to the UAE market for small producers and farmers all around the world. It will be easier and cheaper for the producers, farmers, traders to understand the requirements of UAE food safety authorities and sell their products to the UAE by complying with the requirements at a fraction of cost. They will get a free consultation as to what is required and what they should do to comply and eventually sell their products to the UAE.

Twitter: QsMonitor

Volts UAE

logo volts

In-house smart battery management system

Volts modern lithium technology, an all-in-one solution contains all the components inside, making the device compact and easy in integrating with already existing objects. The scaling capacity system allows VOLTS to be utilized for different needs. VOLTS can charge both from the conventional grid and solar panels, making it possible to create its own autonomous electricity supply in the house.

Using the intelligent system of control and monitoring the electrical consumption of the unit, VOLTS analyzes the owner's behavioural patterns based on user and power analysis. As a result, VOLTS defines a storage policy, allowing you to make the load schedule while maintaining the battery charge at a sufficient level for a specified period.

Instagram: Voltsbattery
Facebook: Voltsbattery

Seramic Materials

Seramic Materials Catalyst

Production of technical ceramics and building materials from industrial waste

Seramic Materials is applying patented technology, to up-cycle industrial solid waste into sustainable high-value ceramic products, with a significant reduction in cost and carbon footprints, as compared to conventional ceramics.

We are locally manufacturing 100% recycled value-added ceramic products. Our construction materials have equivalent properties to conventional products, but at a lower cost, all made in the UAE. We also produce technical ceramics, that are high-temperature thermal storage materials.  As we reinvent ceramic materials for different applications, we called our product series: "ReThink Seramic”.

Twitter: Seramic_Mat

De L'arta

de larta limited logo

Creating a sustainable skincare range using native UAE flora

Using a science that dates back 10,000 years, the De L'Arta Outdoor Living Laboratory works to harness the sophistication, tenacity and resilience of our surrounding ecosystem & repurpose its value into future-ready products.

De L’Arta seeks to regenerate, recover and up-cycle natural resources through the creation of a circular economy.

Instagram: De_larta


solva logo

E-logistics with electric motor bike and food delivery

Solva created the first smart logistics dedicated electric two wheelers, with a 24/7 fleet optimization platform. Their solution offerings include delivery fully-electric motor bikes with the highest standards optimized for functionality and sustainability. Combined with their data offering, their value added to their customers expands beyond financial savings, into full automation and truly sustainable solutions through logistic optimization, adding to their core values and helping their business transform into a green offering.

Instagram: Solvatechnologies

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