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After studying EE in University of Evansville, U.S.A., Cinar Kurra has obtained his MSc. in E.E. and Telecommunication Engineering through Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, by 1997. Worked as a System Integration Engineer in Motorola, continued his career as a Technical Release Manager for Motorola’s iDEN Group (Push to Talk over GSM network) until 2004. Being an entrepreneur, he is founder of KES Engineering in Chicago (1997), dBKES Engineering Services (2000) & DEK Technology (2010) in Istanbul, HAWK Technology in Abu Dhabi (2011) and MGT Electronics in Chicago (2007). Catalyst is a true clean technologies seed funding mechanism that he is establishing within Masdar City, having Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company and BP as shareholders.

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You are the brain, You are the seed idea owner and perhaps You will be the next generation of big data analytics AI system architect or clean technology hardware surgeon of 21st Century.
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