peter ensor

AgroTech Professional

With more than 30 years’ experience in the food and agriculture sector, including eight years in the UAE, Peter brings knowledge and understanding of every component of the fresh produce supply chain. He holds a Bachelor of Horticulture Science from Lincoln University in New Zealand.
Peter’s experience is built on two main pillars: sustainability and commercial development.
Peter developed product value rather than product cost under the pillar of sustainability. He was an active member of the worldwide GLOBALG.A.P. Technical Committee and leader of Stakeholder Committees between 2007 and 2015. He is an advocate for safe and responsible pesticide management and use, having managed the GROWSAFE training programme in New Zealand for 10 years. Through GLOBALG.A.P. and New Zealand GAP, which Peter launched in 1999, he is a proven food safety and environmental management practitioner.
Peter’s value comes from his commercial development experience, where he created demand for local product in the UAE. He led the transition from selling to customers to servicing partners for the UAE vegetable business, matching demand with sustainable, traceable, and consistent supply.
Peter is a New Zealand citizen, a resident of the UAE, with right of abode in the UK and the EU. He is married to Julie, with three children at university and all living in New Zealand. The family all love an outdoor lifestyle.


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