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General Manager and Chief Representative for BP Abu Dhabi


Salem joined BP in 2000 as a Marketing Advisor for BP Middle East. In 2005, he became the Communications and External Manager for BP Dubai, Sharjah and Oman. In 2007 he was involved in setting up the business and in the negotiations in Oman. In 2009 Salem was appointed as Advisor to BP Middle East Regional President, where he was involved in setting up BP business in Basra. In 2010 he was the Communications and External Affairs Vice President for BP Iraq. In 2015 he became the Vice President of Government Relations for BP Middle East Region. In July 2016 Salem was appointed as General Manager and Chief Representative of BP Abu Dhabi, responsible for BP’s shareholder engagement in Abu Dhabi National Oil Company; specifically, Abu Dhabi Onshore, ADNOC Offshore, ADNOC LNG and ADNOC Logistics & Services, which collectively produce around 260 thousand barrels of oil per day BP Net. He represents BP in Abu Dhabi world scale Joint Ventures (Oil & Gas, LNG, and Shipping) and serves as a Board member in these JVs.

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