We give you all encompassing support and subsidize your project. We sign an NDA with you followed by a detailed form that you need to fill out with your partners (if you are Solo np). Then we check all the details and provide support before you present (“pitch”) to our investment committee; we have to make it clear; we are not Dragons, we are not wild Venture Capitalists; we are only here to help you achieve your target.
Once selected:
If you are relocating from another country, we help you with accommodation within Masdar City, we are certain that you will be amazed with our constantly growing neighborhood. We give full support on tendering what is needed to run your project, and bring specialists from various departments of our joint venturing mother companies, such as: HR, Legal, Engineering and Marketing Communications.

Catalyst, having the two shareholders MASDAR & BP, provides immeasurable priceless support in terms of: 

  1. Mentoring in business development,
  2. Strategic planning,
  3. R&D, testing and commissioning,
  4. Legal affairs, 
  5. Marketing and public relations, 
  6. ICT,
  7. Human resources,
  8. Web design and content management
  9. Accomodation; if the idea owner has to relocate from his or her own country to U.A.E.
  10. Sales management; meeting organizations with potential clients of concentrated field.
  11. Funding, depending on the budget requested to start “The Company” in Masdar Free Zone.

All About Us

You are the brain, You are the seed idea owner and perhaps You will be the next generation of big data analytics AI system architect or clean technology hardware surgeon of 21st Century.
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